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Reverse Mortgages for Canadians

If You're 55+ and Own Your Home, You Can Convert up to 40%
of Your Equity into Cash or Income...

It's completely tax-free, and unlike a traditional mortgage or line of credit - there are no monthly payments - ever. Instead, a reverse mortgage allows you to convert existing equity into cash, either as a lump sum or as consistent, additional income.

Isn't It Time You Started Enjoying Life a Little More?

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Remember that there is no obligation whatsoever - this guide is 100% free for you to educate yourself on the "ins and outs" of reverse mortgages. Including what you can get, exactly how your equity is unlocked, what happens if you decide to move or sell - and so on.

Also remember that one of our friendly professionals will contact you in a few hours* time to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

* On regular business days. If you submit this form late at night, you will be contacted early the next morning. We are available most weekends, but if you submit this form on a weekend there is a chance you might not be contacted until the next business day.

Is a Reverse Mortgage the Best Choice For You?

It depends on a number of factors - and everybody's situation is unique. While for some seniors it may literally open up a new world of options and drastically increase their standard of living - for others, it may be the wrong choice.

Use the following series of questions as a "compass" for getting an initial sense about whether the benefits of a reverse mortgage match your own goals (and situation):

• • •

1. Do You Currently Struggle Make Ends Meet Each Month?

2. Do You Wish You Could Enjoy Life a Little More in Your Retirement Years?

3. Are You Worried About How You'll Pay Mortgage Payments, Credit Card Payments & Other Debts as the Years Go On?

4. Is Your House (Equity) Your Most Substantial Asset?

5. Is Your Neighborhood & Community an Integral Part of Your Life?

6. Does the Idea of Selling Your House, Moving & Downsizing Seem Unappealing - or Painful?

• • •

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above, then a reverse mortgage may be the right choice for you - particularly if you answered "yes" to all of them. However, there is no way to generalize - especially not when it comes to planning your retirement.

The key to a happy, secure retirement is education (and fully understanding your options). And as always, the best advice is to seek advice. The "best" choice for everyone is to obtain as much qualified information as possible, and carefully weigh the options before making a decision.

In fact - if you'd like to speak to a reverse mortgage professional who can provide you with answers and information so as to assist you in making a decisions that's best for you, why not call us right now?

It's toll-free, and we'd be delighted to hear from you!

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